The story begins with the creation of VRprofessionnel®, a system born from observing wine cellars in Burugndy whre, traditionally winemakers use local stone to make compartments for stocking and ageing their quality wines.

From this came the idea of proposing similar but pre-fabricated, easy-to-mount units to wine professionals.

Needless to say they were a huge success, and so over the years numerous big names in the businesses of winemaking, restaurants (not to mention other French and European establishments) have adopted our arrangements.


Please have a look at some of our references.


Comblanchien quarry



Casiers à vin Vinicase

Through recognition from professionals worldwide and awareness of growing interest from individual clients, we decided to develop a system modeled on the VRprofessionnel®, in terms of materials and design, however one that proved easier to install.

Hence, the Vinicase® was conceived.

Vinicase® today has become a reference for racks made of reconstituted stone. Understandably, its noble material (Comblanchien limestone), exclusive modular concept, consistently aesthetic aspect no matter where it is employed, contribute to a design with the idea that an excellent cellar for your wine is an attractive cellar for your eyes.

For 20 years Vinis has been making rack systems for professional and private clients. We are located in Chevannes in the heart of Burgundy, on the upper Côtes de Nuits area,10 km from Nuits-Saint-Georges.

Encouraged by the satisfaction of winemakers, restaurant owers, cellarmen… and amateurs, we now export a good portion of our production to other European countries, to the United States and other continents.