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The Vinicase system

Without doubt the nesting principle of the elements is one of the strongest points of Vinicase. Extremely stable and scalable it optimizes your cellar. Produced on the basis of the famous Comblanchien limestone it protects your wines against thermal and hygrometrical shocks.

And… It’s beautiful.

Stocking your bottles

Stacking up bottles

The success of Vinicase is largely due to the possibilities it offers of single or double stacking of all types of bottles. This type of arrangement keeps the labels visible. The bottles never exceed the depth of the racks. Double stacking allows the bottlenecks to be positioned in the middle of the rack. This arrangement, adopted by all wine professionals, effectively protects the narrowest section of bottles, the most sensitive to thermal shock, from temperature changes. A small stick, which professionals tend to use, allows for tighter double stacking thus optimizing storage capacity.

Capacity and wine bottle management

Vinicase is a storage system that allows for the best management of your wine cellar. The racks can accomodate all types of bottles. Half bottles, Champagne bottles and magnums will all fit without protruding. The 3 vault heights can be further divided with horizontal, totally moveable shelves, resulting in a capacity and storage system ranging between 4 to 92 units. Labels are visible due to the positioning of the bottles. Vinicase is the result of the success and experience acquired by the VR Professional system and adopted by many of the great names in wine making and fine dining.




The result of multiple requirements


Vinicase meets numerous requirements. Our storage system was developed in collaboration with oenologists and sommeliers in order to guarantee the best possible conservation of wine and the proper stacking of wine bottles. Vinicase allows for easy mounting and dismounting and yet is thoroughly sturdy. The patented system includes 9 components of precise millimetric dimensions, and needs neither glue nor cement to be assembled.

Bottle stacking



Grids for wine racks

The wine racks can be closed with a grid made of solid steel round bars set on a frame. Each grid is equipped with a lock and two keys. The type of lock allows one access to the internal mechanism in case of blockage.

The bars are fixed on posts with the aid of screws and plugs. When the gate is closed the hinge folds over to hide the screw.


Grids for wine racks

Vinicase Projects