The Comblanchien Limestone

Quality advantage for your wineComblanchien Limestone

Comblanchien Limestone

VINIS racks are made exclusively of Comblanchien limestone. Comblanchien, a small village located 15 kilometers from our workshop between Nuits-St-Georges and Beaune, is famous for its particularly hard Burgundy stone.

This stone, reduced to powder, is the only aggregate we utilize. Reconstituted stone is then made with the addition of a high-quality white cement.

To obtain elements resistant to heavy loads, we add fibers and a metal framework in certain cases.

At first glance you will appreciate the visual aspect of the raw materials chosen for their aesthetic quality. The beige Burgundy limestone will give a special character to your cellar which can only be rendered by raw, noble natural stone.

MADE TO LAST THROUGH TIMEAn excellent material

An excellent material

VINIS racks will not only integrate well with your cellar, but will complement the setting and significantly enhance the value of your patrimony.

Another less evident but important factor is that the wine while ageing in your cellar will surely benefit from these racks. This is because the material is highly dense which makes it a good thermal mass, therefore insuring temperature and hygrometric stability around the bottles.

The racks reinforce the advantages of your cellar and help to mitigate abrupt changes in temperature (wine’s most dangerous enemy).

Lastly, the stone is not altered by the cellar’s natural humidity (wine adapts well to a rate close to 90%).

VINIS cellars are made to last throughout time!


Comblanchien quarry

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